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A Consulting Firm with a Singular Focus: Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity experts are passionate about this industry and helping our clients safeguard against cyber threats

What We Do


Test the security of physical devices, such as IoT devices or hardware appliances, to uncover vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or potential weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.


Examine applications for vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and enhancing resistance to malicious attacks.


Assess the security of a network infrastructure both externally and internally to discover weaknesses and potential entry points for unauthorized access. 


Develop and execute targeted testing scenarios against key client infrastructure in a manner that simulates a realistic attack that has been identified as a threat against the organization or the industry.


Evaluate integration of security measures within the software development lifecycle. This includes continuous and automated security testing throughout the entire DevOps pipeline, aiming to identify and remediate vulnerabilities at each stage of development.

security program development

Create a holistic business and technology view of the current risk posture, using industry-accepted cybersecurity frameworks to evaluate current capabilities, and develop and refine cyber strategies, practices and technology architectures to align with desired business outcomes. 

Cybersecurity is An Evolving Industry with New Threats Being Discovered Daily

Stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity trends and threats with our technical blog. Our expert team provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you protect your business and personal data. 

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