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Introducing SolaSec

We are pleased to introduce you to SolaSec, a cutting-edge consulting firm with a singular focus: Cybersecurity. In today's rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, the need for expert guidance has never been more paramount. At SolaSec, we leverage our expertise to equip our clients to successfully navigate this dynamic field with confidence. We are committed to empowering organizations of all types to proactively address cybersecurity challenges.

What is SolaSec?

The name SolaSec is derived from two words: Sola (Latin for "alone" or "only") and Sec (abbreviation for Security), meaning "Security Alone" or "Only Security." In a world where most consulting firms aim to be generalists across multiple service disciplines, SolaSec is founded by penetration testers who are passionate about and committed to the field of cybersecurity.

Who is SolaSec?

Founded in Dallas, Texas by Caleb Davis and Kyle Shockley, SolaSec embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience. Our highly skilled and certified team is comprised of industry veterans with a proven track record in cybersecurity. We bring together diverse talents, from penetration testing to threat analysis, ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients across various industries.

Caleb Davis
Kyle Shockley

Why Did We Start SolaSec?

The genesis of SolaSec stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of cybersecurity to shape a safer digital future. Witnessing the evolving threat landscape firsthand, our founders recognized the urgent need for proactive defense measures. Thus, SolaSec was born, focusing on services that solve industry-specific problems and driven by a relentless commitment to fortify organizations against cyber threats.

Our Mission

At SolaSec, our mission is to build a more secure digital world. We believe in empowering organizations with robust cybersecurity solutions, enabling them to navigate the digital realm with confidence. Our purpose extends beyond mere protection; it's about fostering a culture of resilience and innovation in an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. To execute this mission, SolaSec organizes security capability offerings into the following six service areas:

SolaSec Security Capabilities

Partner With Us

Partnering with SolaSec means gaining access to unparalleled expertise and personalized solutions. Our comprehensive testing methodologies ensure that no stone is left unturned in assessing your cybersecurity posture. From customized assessments to actionable insights, we work hand in hand with clients to implement effective security measures tailored to their unique needs.

Call to Action

Unsure of where you are in your cybersecurity journey? Reach out to SolaSec today to discover how we can bolster your cybersecurity defenses. Whether you're a small startup or a global corporation, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Follow us on social media or reach out directly for the latest insights and updates, and join us in shaping a safer digital future together.

In a world fraught with cyber threats, SolaSec stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation. With our highly skilled team, comprehensive testing methodologies, and dedication to customized solutions, we're committed to safeguarding your digital frontier. Join us in our mission to fortify the digital world and embrace a future where cybersecurity knows no bounds!



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